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Laura Yazdi of

Laura Yazdi
Fashion & Beauty Blogger/Stylist

This post is part of The Passion Behind L.A. Fashion series. A celebration of the talents behind L.A.'s fashion industry.

It had taken a while for the movers and shakers of the fashion industry to pay heed to these daring breed of trendsetters, writers and media personalities, but Fashion Bloggers have earned the right of becoming an influential, and even an integral part, of the industry. The most dedicated and serious of these Fashion Bloggers could do their own writing, photography, videography, editing, web design, etc. Most reputable Online Fashion Magazines would need a highly-paid team to do what a seasoned Fashion Blogger could do single-handedly. Fashion Bloggers are fashion correspondents and you’d often see them attend a fashion show in New York, Los Angeles, Paris or London. They have a critical eye and most Fashion Bloggers moonlight as stylists, they aren’t just fashion critics, so they know what they are talking about. I have the privilege to know one of the most dedicated Fashion Bloggers here in Los Angeles and she was kind enough to answer a Q&A and share her story:

Laura, when did you figure out your creative talent?

Family and friends would tell me I had a talent for dressing well for little money. My grandmother never believed me when I told her how much I paid for an outfit. Still to this day she doesn't believe me. I had friends and family members asking where I bought items I was wearing and asking me to teach them how to shop and dress like I do.

How did you train for it?

As far as my training to become a professional shopper: Hours and hours of shopping. LOL. But seriously, I worked in retail through college and on my breaks would walk around the mall checking out the clearance racks for steals. I refused to pay full price for anything. I loved the thrill of the hunt. As far as styling, I started styling myself, then my mom, then my sister, then friends. They were asking me fashion advice and literally to teach them how to shop. From there it just evolved into a wonderful world of styling.

How do you describe your work?

Never ending, but I love it that way. There is always a new idea popping into my head. I carry a note book to write them all down. 7am every morning I wake up, and still in bed, I check my emails. That is how I know I love what I do- who checks there emails that early?! I'll answer emails when I am fully awake and cognizant. Most of my time as a blogger were spend on the computer setting up future blog posts, emailing with companies and brands on collaborations. Rarely am I actually in front of the camera for a photo shoot. That is what makes those days extra special, the days when the outfit I styled finally comes together on camera. The preparation for an hour photo-shoot can take hours. People don't relaize this when they see a fashion blog. Hair, make-up, camera set-up, location scouting, styling, prepping clothes... it's a process. But a beautiful one at that.

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