Monday, May 12, 2014

Anthony Garcia Fine Arts Photographer

Anthony Garcia
Fine Arts Photographer
There are photographers and there are imaginative photographers. Anthony falls in that latter category. There’s just no way for me to accurately describe his works. I could type forever and it wouldn’t come close to give it justice. For me, Anthony Garcia’s photos were so dream-like, it almost felt like seeing the opening logo of “Dreamworks” movies or SyFy Channel’s commercials, every time I looked at it. One of my ultimate favorite was a photo of himself creating a “pop-up” paper castle and dragon that comes alive with the stroke of his pen; I asked him what’s the story behind it and Anthony threw the question back at me “What do you think? I create my photos so that people could fill-in the stories not the other way around”. This kid have such great talent for a 19 year old that I could’ve easily hated him. But I admired his work, and his awesome personality, so much there’s no room in my heart to be jealous of him.  

“I took photography classes in high school but I really didn’t thought to make something out of it…I really wanted to be a drummer”, he said jovially “I just got interested in it so much that I took Photoshop classes but I really learned more from playing with the (photo editing) software”. I think that really is the key in gaining a creative process. One could take only so much classes but one has to experience it to achieve something. It took me fifteen years to figure that out but Anthony got it in one. “I started photography with my Iphone when I was 18…I get the ideas from everywhere…I do a quick sketch and note when I wake up from a dream and start a concept from there…or I pick up an object like a light bulb and I imagine stills with it”.

Anthony’s photos were so thought-provoking that I started asking really deep and stupid questions like: “Was there a deeper experience or thought and feelings about this work or that”, “Do you tap into your emotions”, etc. But what I really wanted to ask him was “Were his creations a form of escapism?” to run away from something. His first attempt of fine arts photography was of him being flown away by a blue balloon up into the sky, and it won a contest and got displayed by an online group from Berlin, Germany. Good thing I didn’t ask Anthony that question because I really didn’t care where his ideas were coming from. I just wanted to go on a ride with him and be taken away by his visions.
In the end, I think that’s really what art is, something that would take us to places that we could only dream of. Dream away Anthony, keep creating your great work and take us along for a ride.

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Anthony's goal is to combine his creativity with his wedding photography services. If you choose him to be your wedding photographer I will tell you now, he's worth more than any other wedding photographers who charges thousands of dollars.


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