Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Survivors Part II: After The Pandemic

SURVIVORS PART II: After The Pandemic
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It’s 2014 in Roughton, Iowa, and the small rural town is barely surviving after The Mexican Flu Pandemic devastated the world two years before. The rule of law has ceased to exist in The United States of America and Christopher Leary and his family, along with other survivors of Roughton, try to gather food and fight off raiders. 

As if the challenges of surviving are not enough, Christopher finds himself falling for his childhood friend Crisa McMiller who, together with her family - the Agridors, has escaped the pandemic from Malibu, California to seek shelter in the great McMiller Clan Estate in the outskirts of town. 

To increase their chances of survival, Christopher’s family joins forces with the McMillers and Agridors. Together, they must defend the town from sporadic raider attacks and defeat the petty tyrant Mayor Himlar and his goons who are jealous of the McMillers’ influence with the townsfolk. 

Christopher must use all the tactical field-knowledge he learned from the ex-soldier Ric McMiller to do battle with the raiders. Unfortunately, he has no such mentor when it comes to figuring out love. 

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