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The L.A.Band: Lost in Los Angeles

Lost in Los Angeles

Danny Klein (Vocals, Piano, Synth, Beats)
Eddie Deering (Guitar, Synth, Beats)
Clark Souter (Bass, Vocals, Beats)







On their website, The band LOST IN LOS ANGELES was described as “true sonic storytellers, wandering through hope, love and humanity while wearing their hearts on their sleeves”. During my phone interview, our conversations turned deep and thought provoking. I could not help but imagine them as poets and philosophers who tackled what life threw at them through music.

“The name ‘Lost in Los Angeles’ came from an unreleased EP…the concept of lost is a metaphor of losing yourself” Danny Klein explained. “To truly find yourself, you have to lose yourself first” Eddie Deering added. Most of their songs also appeared to have messages of transformation “...in ‘Burnin’, in the ‘The Hovering’ EP’, one would think it’s about the literal destruction, but it was more of the passion burning within and inspiring you” Danny said.

In their own search of their identity, they were not afraid to transform and to try new things. From their early dream like song “Million Stars” which was reminiscent of the musical styles of Owl City, to what Nylon Guys Magazine described as “…compressed drums and Boys Don’t Cry-era guitars…” of “Because of You” (www.nylonguysmag.com), one could tell that these guys were bold musical explorers.

When describing their creative process, Danny Klein explained that their diversified style “comes with the bass or piano line...It then sparks one of us to build on it…and then the collaboration begins”. One could sense the trust and the closeness of the band on how they tackle a project. “Eddie came up with an amazing guitar line and then Clark and I worked on it while he was on vacation” Danny Klein further explained. “Learning to play music is hard on its own...creating music for the industry is extra harder...but the reward is the satisfaction when it’s completed” Clark Souter added.

One of the milestones that the band recently reached was going on a tour in twenty cities in 35 days, but this local band is aiming straight for the top “…the real turning point is when we get to the Grammy’s” Danny Klein said. “An LP is on its way so expect more from us in 2014…The fans inspire us and we’re gonna keep on creating” Clark Souter added. “It’s all about the love for the music and the fans” Clark Souter said to cap it off “So, watch out for LOVE IS FATE (LP) OUT SUMMER 2014”.

I really don’t know what to expect on the up and coming LP LOVE IS FATE. I didn’t ask what genre or style was it influenced on, because to me it didn’t really matter. I knew that their music will be uniquely theirs. LOST IN LOS ANGELES might stay perpetually “lost”, constantly looking for new inspiration or musical identity, but it would be one great treat because they will take us with them on their search and journey.

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