Thursday, July 18, 2013

Marina Fini Interview


Marina Fini
Photographer, Film Maker,
Jewelry and Costume Designer 

I was flummoxed on how to write about Marina, just because it was difficult for me to pick which one of her works I should begin with first. I think I should start on how I met her. She was showcasing her innovative jewelry in the Yeah Gurl Show in 7020 Melrose. Her website describes her work as an expression of “surrealism and optical illusions in her films, photography and costume design. Her jewelry line is an extension of the visual realities she creates in her work”. She uses brass, 24k gold plated and sterling silver plated materials and enhances it with the use of rainbow, angel aura and cobalt quartz. I’m no jewelry expert but to me it appears that some of her works are inspired from Ancient Roman pieces especially her bracelets. Her works on different colors of plexiglass are very eye-catching with her use of inventive forms such as the pentagram and “@” symbol and the natural shapes of cactus trees and flowers. If you like to go on rave parties—these are the accessories you need to wear! I can imagine lights bouncing-off of it while the wearer dances. Her designs are pretty much the reflection of herself—psychedelic, futuristic and vibrant.

The show room was full of vendors and short on buyers. I suspected that the heat wave LA has been experiencing the past couple of days contributed to the tiny turn-out. The organizers braved on with the continuous beats by the guest DJ and steady flow of alcohol and soft drinks. There was a strong party mood and the showroom is full of ultra- trendy people (I was the exception). The A/C was running in full capacity but we were all still sweating and through it all Marina sits in the corner of the shop meticulously crafting her jewelries.

Marina was a very amicable and open person and there’s a certain glow about her that almost makes her surreal—if I was stuck in the desert and she happens to help me I would’ve probably thought I’m hallucinating. That it is why I’m not really too surprised to see samples of her works in photography and costume designs reflecting that dreamlike aura. I saw photos of her costume designs and the Egyptian deity Horus bears to mind upon seeing a photo of one production, although I think the dancers in the theatre were actually half-man/half-crow humanoids.

Most of her costume designs are posted in her website,, visit it and see for yourself since it is terribly hard for me to describe it into words. Since I lack any experience or knowledge, whatsoever, when it comes to costume design, I cannot give you a comparative review. What I can definitely tell you is that Marina puts attention to details. One costume, what to me looked like a swanky 60’s inspired mini-dress made up of connected circular plexiglasses, took her twenty hours to make! I asked her how she comes up with the ideas— she said that she doesn’t really know. She is certain however that she is interested in unconventional materials such as latex, rawhide, plastics and that she plays with it until a concept seizes her. She said that if she has a good idea she goes for it “People give up too easily…I don’t care if it takes me a year to finish with what I’m doing…the important thing is to keep at it”. I ask her about critics and she simply said not to worry about them. “Me? I’m happy if I have only two people I can count on…never mind the rest”.

Marina Fini is a native Californian from Sherman Oaks. She went to UC Santa Cruz for Film Production and Costume Design. She is an up-and-coming, costume designer, an artist. I am in fact groveling, not in a patronizing way but with sincerity, so that she would grant me more audience while she creates her latest project. I wanted to see her short film and her other photos. She is also currently writing a script for a feature-length film that she intends on directing. As soon as she grants me more interviews with her, I promise you there is more to come.



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